30th July 2004

Progressive imaging: S-transform order

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Published paper “Progressive imaging: S-transform order” (H. Zhu, R.A. Brown, R.J. Villanueva, J. Villanueva Oller, M.L. Lauzon, J.R. Mitchell, A.G. Law), in the Australian & New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics Journal (ANZIAM J), vol. 45 (E), ISSN 1446-1811, pp. C1002-1016 (year 2004). Ed. Australian Mathematical Society.

The paper focuses on progressive transmission of CT or MR images, and introduces two general schemes that are built around information embedded in transforms of images. A direct, a priori ordering of 93, parallel, CT slices of a head is obtained by successively finer sweepings of their natural subscript ordering to give a benchmark illustration. By comparison, an ordering of these CT slices simply by their energies is seen to not provide a viable progressive imaging scheme, at least when an overall, 3D skin level rendering is the gauge employed. To investigate progressive imaging that does not obscure internal detail, two techniques based on transform space information are introduced here, and illustrated in detail with a 128 × 128 MR slice of a head I(x, y). The first uses decreasing size of the moduli of the elements of the Fourier transform F(kx, ky) of I(x, y). The second, a one parameter generalization, exploits the localization feature of the recent S-transform and also provides a capability for an observer to outline a region of interest within the progressive transmission process. Both transform based methods are effective for the specific illustrations included, and the latter opens important research questions for application in analysis, handling or interpretation of the massive data sets arising in magnetic resonance imaging.

Keywords: S-transform, progressive transmission, interpolation, Fourier transform.